Ascend Yoga Mat

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Rebuild yourself on a stronger foundation. From beginner to pro, this natural rubber mat with enhanced grip lets you move and practice with confidence.

Colour: Marshmallow Pink
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Reinvent yourself on a stronger foundation

The Ascend Mat is everything you like about our yoga mat—plus upgraded mat surface made with coconut fiber PU. From beginner to pro, this natural rubber mat with enhanced grip lets you move and practice with confidence.


Marshmallow pink, Lavender purple


natural rubber and coconut fiber vegan leather


183cm long x 68cm width x 4mm thick


- Gently wipe the top of the mat with a damp cloth after use

- Do not use any oil-based cleaning product on the mat

- Air dry the mat before rolling and store out of direct sunlight

- Roll mat with top of mat side facing out, rolling in opposite direction can damage mat surface

Purple Yoga Mat#colour_lavender purple


Your newfound confidence

The upgraded surface with enhanced grip provides the foundation you need for balance movement. The anti-slip base keeps the mat in place throughout your practice. Plus, the 4mm natural rubber cushioning gives your joints the support and protection they need.


Neat and maximum comfort

The moisture-wicking feature helps absorb sweat instantly and prevent it from pooling on the surface of the mat, which can be dangerous during practice. We also layer the mat in a way to promote exceptional ventilation so it’s always clean, odorless, and comfortable to use.


Safe for human and the environment

Made using 100% biodegradable natural rubber and upgraded coconut fiber PU, our yoga mat is non-toxic, safe for you (plus your furry kids), and friendly to the planet. Not only that, we make your shipping emission carbon neutral by funding high impact carbon projects.

Pink Yoga Mat#colour_marshmallow pink


Go with the flow

We design our mats with a clear intention—to connect you with your practice. The wavy design encourage flow whether it's your body or your soul. And our oversized mat makes sure you will always stay on the mat bringing you peace of mind while you move.